Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Offered in South Florida
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Tropical Touch Garden Center in Broward County, South Florida knows just how important landscape appearance is to your commercial or residential property. We understand that property managers have great responsibility when managing their commercial properties and demanding occupants. We can help reduce the amount of time spent on managing your properties landscape maintenance and give you more time to focus on the daily operations of your business.

Our knowledgeable and fully trained staff is familiar with all aspects of landscape maintenance and knows when to plant, how to detect diseases, how much to fertilizer to use, etc. Plant health care is an essential value-added service that we offer and regular fertilizing is needed to treat plants for nutrient deficiencies. Planting need to be done correctly and is essential to understand the importance of plant selection for site condition, proper excavation depth and width. Creating good soil structure will ensure less call-backs and healthier trees. All of these are key elements to a healthy and attractive landscape. Our landscape maintenance crews are dedicated and highly motivated to deliver superior quality landscape maintenance services to ensure that your landscape investment is properly maintained.

Tropical Touch Garden Center is a family-owned, licensed and insured, full service commercial and residential landscaping company serving Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, and the surrounding areas in South Florida. Contact us for more information at 954.252.0562 to find out more about our affordable landscape maintenance programs. You can also complete our contact us form - click here

  Landscape Maintenance Programs
Landscape Maintenance3

Tropical Touch Garden Center offers comprehensive year-round maintenance packages for residential communities and commercial properties in Broward County and surrounding areas. We will custom design a Maintenance Program covering all aspects of your landscape maintenance needs that include:

  • Lawn care program - law mowing and over-seeding. Depending on the time of year we initiate a deeper watering schedule to encourage root growth and deeper penetration (spring and early summer) and a reduced watering schedule (late fall and winter).
  • Pruning and shaping program – includes regular corrective pruning and shaping of the landscape plants and trees. The goal here is to accent the individual plant or tree's form, or to restore its form to what it should be.
  • Ground cover control and leaf removal
  • Aeration and fertilization program – Based on the nutrient deficiencies identified in our site analysis and soil testing, we establish and implement our fertilization program for the planters, lawns and slope areas.
  • Edging and mulching.
  • Drainage and erosion control.
  • Weed and pest control programs - Based on problems identified in our site analysis, we establish and implement our weed and pest control program for the problem areas.

Regarding major and thorough cleaning of the landscape for HOA: We normally clean around the residences first and then all common areas. This process can sometimes take a fair amount of time to accomplish depending on the condition of the landscape and the size of the community or property.

  Irrigation Systems Installation and Monitoring

Tropical Touch Garden Center performs a complete irrigation system audit to ensure the landscape will be properly watered since both over watering and under watering is harmful to the landscape. We check every station on every controller, measuring its individual flow rate and check the area that each valve waters. All repairs and corrections are made immediately, and all systems are checked for correct nozzles, head placement, water pressure, and over spray. Once all the fieldwork has been completed, the information gathered is entered into our computerized irrigation management and monitoring system. This system helps control the amount of water applied based on the existing weather. Tropical Touch Garden Center is experienced in designing and laying out your sprinkler system to ensure 100% coverage of all needed areas with the right products.

Consideration is taken in the choices of which areas will require what types of applications, such as drip and sprayers for flower bed areas or turf rotors for grass areas. We design our systems to have "head-to-head coverage" wherever possible, meaning adjacent sprinkler heads spray patterns will shoot from one head to the other and vice-versa insuring proper coverage of the area between them. Complete measurements will be taken of the area you would like irrigated to ensure the most efficient system possible.

Tropical Touch Garden Center uses only the best irrigation systems available that will last for many years to come. Your system comes with a 90-day installation guarantee depending on the project – most projects carry a 6-month to 1-year guarantee. The IAI forms are added as an attachment to your contract. We also offer service contracts including Spring Tune-ups and Winterizing.

  • No more over or under watering.
  • Watering at the optimum time of day.
  • Your watering schedule continues even if you're out of town.
  • By regularly watering and fertilizing, you will see noticeable results in your lawn and landscaping.
  • No dry spots. A well-designed system ensures your entire landscape is covered.

Irrigation monitoring is but another tool that makes Tropical Touch Garden Center successful in providing its clients with the highest quality landscape maintenance programs possible.

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